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    Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

    Cloud-Based Technology

    More than 9 in 10 businesses are currently using cloud technology, including email, phone, backup, applications, and increasingly, video surveillance. A survey of 930 respondents using cloud infrastructure showed that 88 percent achieved savings. 60 percent were able to reduce IT support, often redeploying IT personnel to other projects. Almost half (49 percent) were able to grow their business from cloud use. Cloud technology offers businesses substantial economies of scale, all contributing to the lower total cost of ownership.

    • Lower Upfront Capital Expenditures
    • Fully Utilized Hardware
    • Lower Power Costs
    • Reduced IT Staffing Cost
    • Security, Reliability & Redundancy

    To access IST’s Cloud Video login page, click the image above.

    Cloud technology is still new enough to video surveillance that there is some confusion. A true cloud video surveillance system – or VSaaS – with its associated benefits, is very different from a traditional DVR, NVR, or video management software (VMS) solution connected to the internet for remote access or remote storage.

    The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has created The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing which can help clarify some of the differences. NIST defines a cloud system as having five “essential characteristics,” as summarized below.

    • On-Demand Self-Service
    • Broad Network Access
    • Resource Pooling
    • Rapid Elasticity
    • Measured Service

    Eagle Eye Networks Partner

    IST has partnered with Eagle Eye Networks to deliver a cloud based Video Surveillance Solution that gives our customers the best security, features, and capabilities. Our customers can view their video from mobile devices (android and IOS) and monitor their facilities from anywhere in the world. The Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) provides the highest level of cyber security and reliability. The cloud based solution means fewer headaches and less equipment for our customers.

    Eagle Eye Networks is the worldwide leader in cloud video surveillance. They provide cloud video surveillance to more businesses than anyone else in the world. The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS is used by business customers of all sizes to protect their assets and optimize their business operations. We are proud to partner with Eagle Eye Networks to deliver such a powerful solution to our customers.

    Get a FREE Home or Commercial Security System Estimate!

    Contact us to setup a FREE consultation with a Interactive Security Technologies representative today.